We produced an end of year roundup film that was distributed to all employees on DVD with a 12000 production run. We produced an English and Italian version in both PAL for Europe and NTSC for the USA. The Italian version featured native speakers with dubbing over the English speakers and we used different voices for different employees. We covered the achievement and growth of the company over the year looking forward to the following year. Filming took place over a couple of weeks and we filmed the content in the UK, Italy and USA to properly represent the geographical regions interviewing employees across the board from the CEO to shop floor workers.

The project was broken down into 3 key stages:

  • Planning & pre production
  • Filming
  • Edit & post production

The objective was to raise awareness among the wider organisation of the many successes within the business while also underlining the strategic direction of the future of the company in a clear and concise format.

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